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7 Rules of a Creative Life

creativityBeing creative goes hand in hand with making money and becoming successful.  The more creative you are,  the easier you’ll find it to come up with new business ideas, outthink the competition and make more money.

Here are eight great rules to live by if you want to be more creative:

Try New Things

You have to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things.  When you expose yourself to new experiences and ideas, you’ll constantly be learning.  Try and read different types of books, visit new places, eat different foods.  All of this will broaden your mind and unlock more creative potential.

Teach others what you know

A key part of the creative process is teaching others what you know.  Because it requires you to have a deep understanding of the subject matter before you’re able to teach it.  This will force you to really think and challenge yourself.  It’s really easy to mindlessly skim from article to article, subject tot subject.  But to really, deeply learn a subject takes work.

Take Breaks

Don’t burnout.  But it’s not just about burnout.  Take a break and just do nothing for a while.  When you do nothing, your mind has a chance to think a little differently than what you usually do.  During this time you’ll come up with amazing new ideas and recharge your motivation levels.  Ever wondered why you come up with so many ideas in the shower?  It’s because your brain has a chance to think without distraction.

Work when others are resting

This is one the simplest ways to get ahead.  A creative life is never going to be 9-5.  You’re going to have to work longer days.

Always be creating

This can be hard work.  But it’s also something you get into the habit of.  If you’re a writer, then write everyday, and when you’re not writing, take notes about what you want to write.   It’s this constant urge to  progress and do more which is called flow and its a very powerful state of mind to be in.

Love what you do

You’re never going to be able to maintain a state of flow and work day in day out, if you’re not loving what you’re doing.  Don’t be fooled though, there will be bad days and you will also have days where you question why you’re doing this.  But overall you have to love the work you produce.

Do more than what you’re told to do

If you’re working for someone else, you may struggle to be creative.  But one of the best ways to tackle this is doing more than what is asked.  It doesn’t need to be a lot, but make it consistent.