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5 ways to make sure you’ll be rich in the future

Are you looking to stop living paycheck to paycheck?  The steps you take today, could have a huge impact on your financial future.  You’re not going to get rich by accident.  You have to work at it.  Unless you win the lottery you’re also not going to get rich overnight.  It’s going to take time.

So here are 5 easy steps you can take to making sure you’ll be rich in the future.  Remember it’s up to you:

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Making money trading binary options

I’ve noticed an increasing trend in the number of people trying out binary option trading as opposed to the more traditional forex trading.   So a few months ago I decided to give binary options a go and see if it was possible to make money from binary options.

Can you make money from binary options?

I spent around 2 months trading binary options.  My win rate was around 60% which I don’t think was very good, but good enough that I made around $220.   I started with $500 deposit.

How do you make money?

Trading binary options is really simple.  You’re basically betting on whether or not a option will go up or down in a certain period of time.  You can trade on stocks, commodities, indicies and forex.   Unlike regular forex or stock trading, binary options are time limited.  So you’re position will close after a set amount of time.  If you were correct then you receive a payout.  For example the payout might be 80%.  Which means, if you had invested $100 and your trade was successful you would make $180.   If you were wrong, then you would lose the $100 you invested.

Start Small

It’s important if you are new to binary trading, you don’t start placing trades that are too big.  I recommend you start with the smallest amount your broker will allow.   This way you can familiarise yourself with the platform and with how trading works before you try making actual real money.

Try Stock Trading first

Before jumping into binary options, I recommend starting with regular stock trading first.  Why? Because you need a solid grasp of the markets.  There is no point trying binary options without knowing anything about trading.  In fact, I believe it’s more difficult than stock trading.

Binary options is a great way for experienced traders to make money, but not so great for beginners. So do yourself a favour and start trading stocks or forex first.  You can even trade these with practice accounts.

Use a Signals Service

To give you the upper edge you can make use of a binary options signals service.  These services use algorithms to try and predict the direction of a stock.  Now while these services are never always right, they can be used as a useful tool.

5 Habits of Self Made Millionaires

d7d9fac23a04e9cc73c2eb74412da5afIf you actually look at the lifestyles and work habits of millionaires, you’ll soon discover it’s not about frivolous spending and endless parties.  Obviously they are hard workers, but here are 5 habits of self made millionaires that you can replicate on your journey to financial freedom.

Start a Business

It’s really hard to grow your income if your employed by someone else.  The single best way to become a millionaire is to start a business.  And if you’ve always dreamt about starting a business but keep putting it off…. it’s never been cheaper and easier to get started.  Thanks to the internet which gives you access to hundreds of millions of potential customers practically anyone can start a business.

Set Financial Goals

How much money do you want to make?  How much money will your ideal lifestyle cost?  It’s good to set yourself something to work towards.  This might be a monthly income figure or an annual target.   It’s up to you and what motivates you the most.  Just remember, it’s both important to think big but not to think completely unrealistically.  Don’t just set a goal of $100 million dollars.  Break it down into how much you want to earn per month.  Start with a reasonable goal and increase it as you get closer.

Live below your means

Getting into debt is surefire way of destroying your chances of becoming a millionaire.  Many self made millionaires have been in debt but they often use debt as a way to increase overall net worth.  This doesn’t mean wracking up giant credit card bills on things you can’t afford.  Don’t fake it until you make it.  Make it first and then live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Embrace Uncertainty

Learn to love uncertainty.  Entrepreneurs need to live in a constant state of uncertainty.  You never know when things will change.  So learn to to not only live with it but embrace it.  Use the uncertainty as motivation.  And believe that tomorrow will always present new and exciting opportunities.

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You can’t live in your own little bubble.  You need to broaden your horizons.  The best way to do this?  Reading.   Reading is a common habit amongst self made millionaires.  Why?  Because they never believe that they know it all and are always willing to learn more.


Staying motivated on your journey to 1 million dollars

Sacrifice for successSo you’ve taken the first step and decided you want to make a million dollars.  But one thing is certain, it’s not going to happen overnight.  In fact its gonna take many many years for most people.  And this where practically everyone fails.  They give up right away.  If you want to succeed you need to do what everybody else is to lazy to do.

So how do you stay in it for the long haul.  Here are my top tips for staying motivated on your journey to making a million dollars:

Keep a Journal

For the past few years I’ve kept a journal and it’s had an incredibly positive impact on my life.  It started when I was reading about successful creative people and entrepreneurs throughout history.  What many of them had in common was they kept a journal.  They weren’t afraid to evaluate their lives.

You too can keep a journal.  It’s best to keep a daily journal as this will create a good habit.  A weekly journal isn’t often enough and you’ll end up forgetting you even kept one.  Keep track of the things you did right, the mistakes you made, and what you want to do next.

Keep a Weekly log of your Financial Situation

You might have a budget or automatically track you finances.   And this is great, but it helps to keep a weekly log of your net worth too.  I use a plain old spreadsheet which lists all my accounts and investments.  It’s a nice ritual to see if I’ve gotten ahead this week or if I’ve been spending too much.


Most people don’t have any idea what their financial situation is actually like.  Be different any know your finances!

Keep investing and saving – even when it’s tough

You’re going to experiences times on your journey when everything seems really difficult.  These are the times that make or break potential millionaires.  Show courage by investing and saving even when you’re experiencing tough times.

Hang around with like minded individuals

The fastest way to lose focus and completely forget about your goals is hanging around people who just want to bring you down to their level.  They may be having a hard life, and all they want to do is make sure everyone else is sharing the same experience.

My life changed when I started hanging around people who were driven, had goals and wanted to succeed.  We talk about our business ventures, how much we’re making, how much we’re spending etc.  It’s such a relief to be able to share this journey with other people.

So they are my four tips for staying motivated.  What are yours?  Leave them in the comments.

How to become a millionaire by 30

Millionaire by 30No one should be ashamed of wanting to become a millionaire.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t try or that it will never happen.  They are just trying to bring you down to their level.

It’s entirely possible to become a millionaire by the age of 30.  Here are some things you should be doing if you want to seriously reach this goal.

Save to invest.  Don’t Save to save.

Saving your money and hiding it away in a savings account won’t make you a millionaire.  And it won’t make you richer.  Because thanks to inflation, that money is going to be worth less and less every year.

You have to start saving to invest.  Invest your savings into things that won’t simply depreciate.  If you’re in your 20’s you can probably afford to take a few more investment risks.  Invest in startups.  Invest in your business.  Invest in growth ventures.

Stop ignoring your money

Time to take your head out of the sand.  You can’t just ignore money and hope it’ll magically appear.  You need to have a strong understanding of where your money is.  How much it is growing buy and where it is being spent.

Don’t Show Off

Buying expensive things that you can’t afford will never grow your wealth.  Trying to look like you’re rich, isn’t the same as being rich.  You need to first focus on growing your wealth.  Work hard now and enjoy the luxuries later.

Have more than one income

The average millionaire has 7.  Expanding your income is the most direct way to wealth.  It sounds obvious, but people often stick with just the one source of income.  Even if you have a full time job there are plenty of things you can be doing to create additional income streams.  From investments, to side businesses – don’t get stuck with the one thing.

Work Harder

Again this sounds obvious but it’s a common point of failure.  You need to work harder than your competition.  Identify your competition and figure out what you can do better.  Work harder than others are willing to cut away at their lead.


You are going to make mistakes.  I’ve made plenty.  Learn from them and move on.  The most important factor in becoming a millionaire is time.  Sadly it’s not going to happen overnight.  You’re going to have to work at it day after day.  The only way you’ll succeed is if you persevere.

Go out there and make it happen

You can keep reading article after article looking for advice, but the best way to become a millionaire is to get up, go out there and make it happen.  Start your side projects, get on top of your money, invest!